11 Random Questions (just like my life sometimes)

Telat banget, tapi bodoo amaaat. Hahhahaa.

Lumayan dapet challenge berupa pertanyaan random berantai dari KaBong buat nulis di blog hahaha.

1. What are 5 little things that make you happy?

Wake up early, consume fruit everyday, find new knowledge or jokes on Twitter :p , finish all my to do list, and talking to My Mom for sure.

2. If it’s possible to live your live like a movie, which movie would you choose?

I want to live like Kathleen Kelly on You’ve Got Mail. *mbaknun anaknya romcom banget hahaha

3. Current Playlist?

Playlist after lunch and you’ll find Via Vallen there bahahaha — Sore-Sore

4. One thing about life you wish had known 5 years ago?

Time will heal a broken heart. Don’t be too pathetic. Ehe~

5. Favourite bookshop(s)?

Gramedia (?) They sell the books I need and wan to read.

6. What’s the last thing you did for the first time?

Sidang skripsi. (First and last) hahaha

7. K-pop & k-drama, yay or nay?

Tentulah yay. Langganan Viu.

8. The best finger lickin’s good food?

Nasi padang (?)

9. What do you think about cabinet reshuffle?


10. Your favourite guilty pleasure habit?

Watching k-drama till midnight a.k.a begadang

11. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Pintu ke mana saja. Percayalah, kau tak ingin tahu rasanya menahan rindu tapi tak bisa bertemu.


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